Please see the following advice received today from Huntingdonshire District Council and share with others.
“The overall admission rates at Hinchingbrooke Hospital related to Covid-19 are not declining at the rate we would, at this stage, expect and there are some hotspots emerging from patients with symptoms who are presenting at primary care (largely GPs and community pharmacies). These concentrations are found in Huntingdon, St Neots and Sawtry. It is essential that we get strong messages out to residents in these areas to continue to follow the advice from our health experts of working from home wherever possible, maintaining social distancing and avoiding non-essential travel. Could you please use your local communication channels to get this message to your residents?”
We would ask you to re-iterate and re-inforce the community health message in your local areas please:
* Stay at home as much as possible
* Work from home if you can
* Limit contact with other people
* Keep your distance if you have to go out – (2 metres apart where possible)
* Wash your hands regularly
* Do not leave home if you, or anyone within your household, have symptoms.