Village Defibrillator

Did you know that the village has a Defibrillator? The Defibrillator is located on the wall of the Wheatsheaf Public House (right hand side as you look the pub) and has a luminous sign above it.  It is contained in a locked heated cabinet.  To access the cabinet a call to the Emergency services is required, asking for the Ambulance service, stating your location and request the code to open the cabinet.  The instructions on how to operate the defibrillator are printed upon the unit and it has a ‘spoken voice’ that will lead you through the process.  The unit is suitable for use on both Adults and Children.  There are also a number of people in the village trained on the operation of the unit and their contact details are within the locked case containing the unit.

[youtube v=”s5ZPLXdXPBc”]